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A two-day workshop designed to take your performance to a new level by combining powerful conversation, purposeful movement and conscious nutrition.

More coaching conversations, more experiential learning and less lecture! With top engaging coaches in the industry!

Bring your workout gear, towel and extra change of clothes. Healthy snacks and tea/coffee are provided.

If you want to be fit to lead then it is time to take it Sariusly!

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We will introduce you to the FIT TO LEAD approach, the 5 Pillars of Performance and the 4 Fundamentals of Leadership via a focus on conversation, movement and nutrition.


The level of your performance is directly related to the quality of the conversations that you have with other people. The quality of these public conversations is determined by the private conversation that goes on in your head every day. In this workshop, you will uncover the assessments that are creating your limiting conversations as well as how to generate powerful conversations that will enable you to take your performance to a whole new level.


There are a million books and webpages out there on the importance of exercising and almost everyone knows that they “should” exercise and be fit. Some people are also aware that the benefits of exercise are more than purely physical. Few people however make the connection between what their body has learned during their physical training and the situation they are facing in the office and at home.
It is time to change the narrative about physical fitness: Exercise is optional, movement is fundamental. Come and “move your body, move your life” with us!


Good nutrition isn't about "following the rules" -- it's about fueling your body for all-day energy, vitality, and top mental and physical performance whether that's work, sport, or in your daily routine. Even better, it doesn't have to be complicated. With some simple, easy changes that fit YOUR schedule, you can look, feel, and perform better right away... and for the rest of your life.

With some basics under your belt, we will give you insights into "next level nutrition" with energy-boosting nutritional strategies that Precision Nutrition use with our elite athletes. If you are looking to give yourself an edge as a business performer, an exerciser, or simply someone who just wants the endurance to outwork the competition, this session is for you.