At last, a truly fresh take on leadership! Sari and Marcus deliver a unique and powerful wake-up call to the next generation of leaders. Their inspiring and practical story is compelling both personally and professionally.

Kelly Poulos, International Business Consultant, Performance Coach and best-selling Author of Secrets to Winning

What do movement, fitness and exercise have to do with leadership? Everything, as Marcus and Sari advocate for in this insightful and practical book. Your ability to have others follow and support you in designing a new future requires the best of all of you, not just your intellect. This book illuminates a path that enables you to create the best conditions in yourself and generate new results and outcomes with others!

Terrie Lupberger, Master Certified Coach and Advisor to the C-Suite

Looking back on my career I realise that there are many individual pieces which contribute to great performance. Nobody gave me the complete picture at the time. Reading this book back then would have enhanced my performance and extended my career as an athlete. A great read for all leaders and coaches, whether they be in the boardroom or on the sports field.

Bram Lomans, Owner of OrangeCoach, High Performance Lifestyle Coach and two-time Olympic Gold Medallist


At Sarius Performance we use the 5 Pillars Of Performance in all our training and coaching.

They form the basis of our Fit to Lead workshops and feature throughout our first book: “Fit to Lead ~ Transforming Your Leadership with the 5 Pillars Of Performance”

The internal pillars refer to your Physical, Emotional and Mental States. Although we separate them in the model, of course, in reality, they are all intricately intertwined and inter-connected. The way that you have shaped these states in your history combine to shape the results you are able to create.

The way you think and feel about a situation, the way you shape, hold and move your body will set the boundaries of what you see as possible, the range of choices that you have. As you learn to observe, impact and re-shape these three states you can begin to create new results.

However, if you want to sustain these new results, you need to also incorporate the external pillars: Support and Practice. It is the willingness to accept support, develop practises and then consistently practice that will cement the new results.

We term our work “Active Synergy Coaching”. “Active” because it always involves movement, not just talking about things or reading. If you want to make something new happen, then you need to move your body. “Synergy” because when you combine the 5 Pillars and are willing to work on all of them, then you create real synergy and transform your results and your leadership.

If you want to transform your leadership, you need to get Sarius!



Marcus specialises in facilitating leadership development and personal growth. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC™) accredited by the International Coach Federation, holds a certification in Performance Nutrition (PN2) with Precision Nutrition and brings more than 25 years of business and management experience to his work.

Graduating from Oxford University, Marcus began his career with Unilever in Marketing and Change Management before deciding to focus on the world of human growth and development.

He has worked all over the world with clients including Aditya Birla Group, PETRONAS, Yahoo, Kimberly Clark, Acxiom, Dell and Unilever.

Marcus was born in England and is married to his co-author and business partner, Sari.

Marcus is also the Managing Partner of The Works Partnership and Newfield Asia.


Sari specialises in working through the medium of the body to facilitate personal growth and development. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC™) accredited by the International Coach Federation and an NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, CES, FNS.

Sari is also an elite trainer for Nike+ Training Club in Southeast Asia and has won Gold Medals for Team Singapore in Southeast Asian fitness physique competitions.

Sari's vision is to facilitate "empowerment and excellence through fitness and body movement". Her particular passion lies in working with women such that they embrace their strength and beauty to produce powerful and sustainable results in their lives.

Sari was born in Indonesia and is married to her co-author and business partner, Marcus.


Marcus and Sari currently reside in Singapore and together in 2011, they formed Sarius Performance International, a performance consultancy that combines the worlds of personal development and executive coaching with the worlds of physical movement, fitness and nutrition.