If you are serious about your nutrition and performance, then looking at what you eat is only a part of the story; be prepared to pay at least as much attention to how you eat and how much you eat.
— Fit to Lead : Transforming Your Leadership With The 5 Pillars of Performance

For those of us lucky enough to be surrounded by plentiful, edible and affordable food, the whole process of eating has either turned into a necessary evil that interrupts what you were doing before you became hungry (a stolen 15 minutes at your desk before you go into another meeting), or else an excuse to indulge and relieve stress (a feast of overindulgence). Many of my coaching clients yo-yo between these two extremes.

It is no secret that your nutritional choices impact your physical body, and given that your thoughts and feelings exist in your physical body, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they too are impacted by what you eat and drink. 

Marcus Marsden - Co-Author "Fit to Lead: Transforming Your Leadership With The 5 Pillars of Performance."