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FIT TO LEAD COACHING (12th March-31st May 2018)

This program is exclusively for those who have attended the FIT TO LEAD workshop in Singapore, 3-4 March 2018.

In the workshop we worked with you primarily on the three internal Pillars Of Performance - your Physical, Mental and Emotional States to create the possibility of a new level of performance.

If you want to sustain a new level of performance, then you will need to practice and you will need support (the two external Pillars of Performance).

Accordingly, we also offer a Fit To Lead Coaching package ($350) for people who are serious about sustaining their performance edge. This package is a 12-week program consisting of: 

A. 1 Personal coaching orientation session; a face to face or online coaching conversation to design the goals and practices that are uniquely owned by you.

B. 3 Group coaching sessions; a series of online tele-classes (via Zoom). Live tele-classes are scheduled for 8pm on 14th March, 11th April, 16th May 2018. If you miss a session, we will send you the recording link. 

C. 3 months online Pro Coach coaching; using the Precision Nutrition platform and the methodology outlined by Krista in the workshop. Marcus is a certified PN Level 2 Performance Coach and he will interact with you to guide you through what is a powerful habit-based system, used by people all over the world.

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